Safe water eliminates poverty, hunger and diseases

In many parts of the African continent, water levels are so deep beneath the Earth’s surface that Water Hand Pumps and even Water Wells are not suitable mechanisms for extracting safe drinking water.

In such situations, Muslim Charity constructs large Water Boreholes which are drilled deep into the ground using motorized equipment where our hydrogeological surveys indicate a strong likelihood of underground water.

The entire Water Borehole complex consists of a large water storage tank facility (typically holding 100,000 litres at a time), a site management office, generator room, water stations for beneficiaries to collect water and a separate water station for livestock and animals and a filling station for water tankers that distribute water to nearby needy villages.

Muslim Charity has constructed four Water Boreholes in different parts of Somalia that together are providing safe water to more than 300,000 beneficiaries as well as over 150,000 livestock.

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