An environmentally-friendly and innovative water resource

In many parts of Asia and Africa, water hand pumps cannot be installed due to the depth and pollution of water and dug wells require too much physical effort from beneficiaries to lift the water out at depths of more than 300 feet.

In these situations, Muslim Charity installs Solar Water Wells to help provide an environmentally-friendly water resource for communities that utilises renewable energy.

In rural parts of South Asia and East Africa, women can spend up to five hours every day in search of water, which is often dirty and contaminated with diseases. Accompanied on this audacious journey are their daughters, who miss out on their education as a result.

Solar Water Wells situated close to needy communities therefore transform the lives of women and children and have far-reaching impacts enabling children to spend time getting educated and mothers can capitalise on their extra time to boost their family’s income rather than just ensuring family survival.

One Solar Water Well costs £20,000 in Africa or Asia.

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