Empowering the poor by providing income-generating opportunities

Income generation of poor households is a means of eradicating poverty and providing sustainable solutions for individuals, families and communities.

Our poor families to set up income generating activities based on their skills and availability of local resources. In case of lack of skills and resources the programme also helps family members by providing training to enhance their skills.

Through trained social mobilisers local resources are explored to create livelihood opportunities and generate income on a sustainable basis.

The income generating activities include setting up small grocery shops, vegetable and fruit shops, homemade dairy and bakery products, tailoring, knitting, agriculture and livestock rearing. Over a period of time these economic activities lead to building savings and assets for survival and improvement of lives.

Our Income Generation Programme is there to empower families in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, East Africa and Palestine where the economic opportunities for vulnerable families are decreasing due to a lack of skills and resources available for them.

Help us to continue supporting our Income Generation Programme by giving a donation. However small the amount it will help to change lives.

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