Muslim Charity’s #FromUKwithLove delegation arrives in Bangladesh 

As part of our openness and transparency, Muslim Charity encourages donors and supporters to visit our projects on the ground to see at first-hand the impact that our UK fundraising initiatives have on the lives of the needy. For this reason we launched the From UK with Love initiative which are structured trips over one or two weeks to countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh where donors are given the opportunity to visit various projects of Muslim Charity that are saving and changing lives.

Last week on Thursday 5th October 2017, a group of 18 British donors and volunteers of Muslim Charity set off for Bangladesh to participate in a two-week tour of Bangladesh and visit our various projects in the country. It will be an opportunity for them to see how we utilise funds on the ground and help change lives.

The #TeamMC delegation spent the first few days in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, supporting the newly arriving Rohingya Muslims (see photos below) where they met families, distributed food packs, essential items as part of family kits, visited the medical camp being run by Muslim Charity and our partners and also helped construct shelters for families as well as a Child-Friendly Space to support orphans, children and unaccompanied minors.

The delegation will be further travelling to Dhaka to visit our long-running street children project followed by visits to Jessore and Sylhet to see further projects. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter stream and Instagram for further updates on the #TeamMC #FromUKwithLove Bangladesh Tour of 2017.


Some photos from the first few days of the delegation’s visit to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

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