Muslim Charity’s “Adopt a School” project is securing future of destitute children in Pakistan 

This is the inspiring story of an 8-year old girl named Syeda Naba Ali hailing from Manchester (UK), whose parents wanted to honour and inspire her in the noblest way one could imagine. Mr and Mrs Shafat Ali funded the complete renovation of the Government Girls Primary School Village Saray, in District Sheikhupura, Pakistan. They had already funded 4 previous schools in Pakistan under the Muslim Charity “Adopt a School” project in previous years and this was their 5th school-renovation donation.

Prior to the intervention, the Government Girls Primary School Village Saray only had one classroom with 47 primary-school aged girls enrolled and due to the limited space and lack of facilities, the head teacher refused to enrol further students. The school had no toilets, boundary wall nor any water facilities and even the parents were reluctant in sending their children to the school due to the lack of safety and security.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Shafat Al’s donation of £10,000, Muslim Charity was able to build 4 new classrooms, 3 toilets, a complete boundary wall and drinking water facilities for the children and staff at the school. This created a huge impact on the local area so much so that since the passing of only one academic session, the enrolment has increased from 47 students to 120 students with further increase in student numbers expected.

Syeda Naba Ali’s name is permanently displayed on the entrance of the school as a daily reminder for children and staff at the school to pray for their benefactor and at the same time it is a huge source of pride and inspiration for her to continue helping deserving people around the world. Syeda Naba Ali, her parents and family visited the school on 25th September 2017 to see the impact of their donation and she had also bought some pencil cases from the UK to gift to the students currently enrolled at the school. The staff, children and local villagers arranged a special programme to show their gratitude to the donor family (see photos below).

The Government Girls Primary School Village Saray is one of 42 government schools that Muslim Charity has renovated or built in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal over the past 4 years. We pray Allah (most high) rewards all the wonderful donors and supporters of Muslim Charity who are enabling thousands of boys and girls get a better education in vulnerable areas of these countries.

By donating £10,000 you can Adopt a School in either Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia. Muslim Charity is open and transparent and shares the exact school location, circumstances and updates donors before, during and after a school project is completed. Donors are also invited to attend the inauguration ceremonies of the schools so that they can witness the impact of their donation with their own eyes.

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Here are some photos from the recent visit of Syeda Naba Ali and her family to the school

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