Love Rohingya – The plight of the ‘forgotten’ people 

The Rohingya are escaping torture, rape and genocide. Accounts of these atrocities have been documented by international human rights organisations including the UN. The plight of the Rohingyan refugees now lay in the hands of international aid agencies like Muslim Charity to protect, feed and support the Rohingya for the months ahead.

More than 350,000 people have now entered into neighbouring Bangladesh in the Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar area creating a humanitarian crisis on an unprecedented level. The sheer number of refugees which include the frail, injured and elderly calls for an exceptional response from donors such as yourself who have supported the Rohingya and Muslim Charity interventions since the crisis so many years ago.

With their homes, villages and places of worship set on fire, they had little option but to flee their ancestral home. Their treacherous journey travelling night and day through dense jungle, mud and rivers has led them to short term safety on the shores of Bangladesh.

Muslim Charity staff and volunteers in Bangladesh are on the ground now delivering key aid in the form of staple food, medicines, emergency shelter and setting up medical camps.

The emergency aid is required now to sustain the Rohingya and treat the elderly and injured. We will provide clothes and hygiene kits to a people who have had their whole lives either burned, looted or left behind.

The Muslim Charity team have witnessed the ‘rivers’ of people that are flooding into the unofficial camps and road sides. People have no option but to make the hills and forests their homes by using the trees and leaves as shelter. They have heard first hand testimony of the violence, cruelty and atrocities carried out on young women and how their fathers would hide them in the jungle each night hoping that they will not get kidnapped and raped.

With your help, Muslim Charity has been supporting the Rohingya since the rise of violence back in 2012. We have delivered countless initiatives such as emergency food, barracks, emergency shelters, medicals camps and schools. But we face a new emergency where our brothers and sisters are calling out for our help.


We now urge you to continue the work we have been doing together for so many years and support the Rohingya in their hour of need.

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Or by starting your own Just Giving page using our campaign page


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