How Muslim Charity is Working on the Ground to Deliver Aid in Nepal

The Nepal Earthquake has become a substantial humanitarian disaster leaving thousands dead since the earthquake struck at 11.41am local time on the 25th April 2015. With a magnitude of 7.8 reported in Nepal, the earthquake tore through Nepal and across borders, shredding buildings and towers to pieces along its way.

Over 6,000 people have been crushed to death, over 11,500 people have been injured, countless are missing and many more are homeless. The devastating state of the Nepalese people leaves them crying out for food, medicine, water and shelter. The numbers will continue to rise if we do not act now.

Immediately following the aftermath of the earthquake, Muslim Charity mobilised its partner organisations in Nepal to initiate delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance as part of our Emergency Response Programme. Our team from Bangladesh have arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal, to oversee and monitor the relief efforts alongside increasing our capacity so that we can provide further assistance in the days and weeks to come.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Muslim Charity’s presence and work on the ground in Nepal following the earthquake. There also follow some photographs of Muslim Charity teams on the ground.

What is Muslim Charity currently doing on the ground?

Muslim Charity is delivering food, water, medicine and shelter in Kathmandu valley especially in Amravati Marga and Sinamangal. Both camps are home to over 5000 households.

How is Muslim Charity getting aid to those in need?

Muslim Charity is getting aid through by locally sourcing the required items and distributing them to the families in need. We are also in touch with other local and international NGOs to ensure that information is shared promptly in order to get to those who are most affected and in need.

What areas of Nepal is Muslim Charity working in?

We are currently concentrating our efforts in Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Gorkha District.

What are the focus areas of Muslim Charity’s relief efforts?

Currently we are in the Emergency Response phase and so we are focusing on food, water, medicine and shelter. Mid to long-term interventions will include the repair of schools, hospitals and houses.

Please donate generously so we can continue help save lives. Muslim Charity will be live on Channel S (UK Sky Channel 814 and streaming online via from 7pm until 1am on Friday 1st May 2015. Supporters and friends are urged to watch the Live Appeal as we will also have a LIVE LINK with our teams on the ground in Nepal to provide latest updates.

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