We launched the Children of the World campaign to combat and champion children’s rights all over the world.

The aim is to ensure the full spectrum of children’s rights are covered by working on advocacy and awareness as well as necessary interventions and provisions to protect children from harm’s way.

We have rescued over 2,000 children from the streets of Bangladesh and reunited over 600 with their families. These children have been abandoned by their parents or have been trafficked into the most unspeakable situations including bonded labour and the sex trade.

Street Children Key Facts

  • 600 childrensponsored worldwide
  • Emergency night shelter:5,500 children
  • Rescued over2,000 children
  • Reunited600 children with their families

With your help our emergency shelter has hosted over 5,500 children so they can sleep at night without the fear of predators and traffickers.

Our school has provided a lifeline for these children and enabled us to engage and educate thousands of children in basic literacy, numeracy and citizenship.

There are also a large number of vulnerable children who have no choice but to work in hazardous conditions in back alley factories and rubbish dumps to support their families.

Our newly launched “Bachon Ki Dunya” project in Karachi, Pakistan, educates these children through innovative informal school settings at various sites of the city with the aim of preparing them to be sent to mainstream schools.

Children of War – Syrian Children


Children as young as 5 and 6 have been exposed to the horrors of war, death and destruction. They have sometimes lost all family members and travelled from Syria to Lebanon with strangers.

We have met grandmothers who are now primary careers for children who have lost both parents in the conflict.

Many children are now suffering from the psychological effects of what they have witnessed and experienced.

These children are supported through our orphan sponsorship programme which supports their education, clothing, shelter and food. We have also included psycho-social support as part of their treatment and rehabilitation from the deep trauma they have suffered during the war.

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enables us to rescue a child from the streets and bring the child to our transitional shelter.

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£30 per month or £360 per year

sponsors a child with education, shelter, clothing and food.

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£42 per month or £500 per year

sponsors a war affected child with education, shelter, food and psycho-social support.

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