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Once again, a huge thank you to IlmFeed for sharing the message from brothers Rashid Ali Shahaveer Shubo Hussain and Hannan. Brothers are in Egypt and will soon enter the blessed land of Saudi Arabia to perform #Hajj

Please make dua that Allah SWT accepts this effort from ...
Watch us LIVE NOW on Islam Channel Urdu raising awareness for the London 2 Makkah bike ride and Muslim Charity's #ChildrenOfTheWorld Campaign.

Will be having a live link with brother Rashid Ali Shahaveer Shubo Hussain and Maroof Pirzada who are cycling all the way to Makkah and are currently ...
A very emotional Rashid bhai. As he reflects on the #streetchildren and how much he misses his own family after being on the road for over 6 weeks and completing 4,000km cycling from #London2Makkah.

Please share to join their effort and struggle, let's take their burden on together ...
This is why Rashid Ali, Abdul Hannan and Shahaveer Shubo Hussain have cycled 5,000 KM. So we can… https://t.co/W2IJOcz2ya
QURBANI From as little as £20 | 8 DAYS TO GO! Order now: https://t.co/gNbo4LqZHw Or call us on 0207 100 4930… https://t.co/3KXVd2yiCg
You still have time. Click below and please send your duas for the day of Arafat https://t.co/fO40lLPWwt… https://t.co/4QhyNxK2Fr
#London2Makkah #BreakingNews Tune in to our Facebook page at 6.00pm (UK Time) on 24th Aug to watch the conclusion… https://t.co/Sy3D6wdZNw

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