What we do

Saving lives to empowering communities

We save lives in emergencies and adopt practical ways to root out poverty by assisting communities with our interventions in education, health and livelihoods. Muslim Charity strives to build self-reliance and empower communities in the developing world.



The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing. (Prophet Muhammad, narrated by Al-Tirmidhi). Education is a fundamental human right of every individual regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or creed. Muslim Charity thrives to bring a … Read More



Saving a life, saving all mankind (Qur’an 5:32) A few hours can mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations; through our partners and network of volunteers we are often already there when disaster strikes.


Income Generation

Empowering the poor by supporting their income-generating activities. The Income Generating Programme helps poor families to set up income generating activities based on their skills and availability of local resources. In case of lack of skills and resources the programme … Read More


Maternal Health

Safeguarding the health of mothers and young children is one of the world’s most urgent priorities and a core focus of Muslim Charity’s work. Every year in under-developed countries, millions of mothers and their babies die during childbirth or in … Read More



“Whoever builds a Mosque, desiring thereby Allāh’s (Most High) pleasure, Allāh builds for him the like of it in paradise.” (Sahih Bukhari) As a policy Muslim Charity believes that the Mosque plays an active and dynamic role in the life … Read More


Orphan and Vulnerable Children

Muslim Charity brings hope to orphan and vulnerable children around the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, education and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependency and promotes individual and societal productivity. Our OVC Programme is guided … Read More


Safe Water

Safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation transform lives. They’re the building blocks of a better world.Safe water is not a mere commodity, but a basic human right. The struggle to gain access to clean water has resulted in a cycle … Read More



Creation of social harmony and fostering of a sense of solidarity among wealthy and vulnerable members through our seasonal programme. Muslim Charity’s Seasonal Programme is one that not only provides that glimpse of hope for many impoverished communities across the … Read More