Safe Water

Safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation transform lives. They’re the building blocks of a better world.Safe water is not a mere commodity, but a basic human right. The struggle to gain access to clean water has resulted in a cycle of poverty and a barrier for progressive development.


Water Boreholes in Africa

Safe water eliminates poverty, hunger and diseases The lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are the root causes of poverty, hunger and diseases throughout Africa. Our water borehole projects have an immediate life-changing impact, particularly for women and … Read More


Water Hand Pumps in Asia

Water hand pumps; giving dignity to women and children In developing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, women can spend up to five hours every day in search of water, which is often dirty and contaminated with diseases. Accompanied on … Read More


Water Supplies in Gaza

Supporting the Right of Clean Water for Deprived Families and Children in Gaza. Gaza’s main source of water is Ground Water and recent surveys revealed that up to 90% of water is not suitable for human consumption. Every day families … Read More


Water Wells

 Transforming communities through access to safe water In many parts of Asia and Africa, water hand pumps cannot be installed due to the depth and pollution of water and water boreholes are too expensive. Muslim Charity helps communities to build … Read More