Giving hope to children for a better tomorrow

Innocent children become orphans by no fault of their own. Living without choices and struggling for survival, a situation which is not wishful even for adults. Imagine there are 143 to 210 million orphan children in the world and there is an addition of 5,760 to 11,000 orphans each day which is equivalent to 4 children each minute.

In developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, India, Sri Lanka and Palestine most of the orphans are impoverished and subject to hunger, homelessness and disease. Because of their poverty, an orphan receives little or no education and poor or non-existent healthcare. Many of these orphans in under-developed countries are forced to work from young ages and help sustain their families as the breadwinner has passed away.

With the grace of Allah (most high) and your support Muslim Charity cares and strives to assist orphans to have a good life and a bright future. By considering the local context and knowledge of the communities we endeavour to provide sustainable solutions to orphan poverty. Through sponsorship programmes we provide healthcare, education, protection, psycho-social support and most importantly strengthen the livelihood means of carers.

Your £30 per month or £360 per year will transform a child’s life into a life of hope and opportunities. Please donate generously.