Saving a life, saving all mankind
(Qur’an 5:32)

A few hours can mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations; through our partners and network of volunteers we are often already there when disaster strikes.


Disaster Risk Reduction

 Preparing for the unpredictable… Muslim Charity does not just respond to emergencies; we also prepare for them. Being prepared at household, community, national, regional and international levels makes a huge difference in saving lives and protecting people’s livelihoods. It also … Read More


East Africa Crisis Appeal

Protracted civil conflicts, entrenched economic crises, droughts and unpredictable rainfall have led to widespread food insecurity across East Africa and neighbouring countries such as Yemen. The UN has described the crisis as “the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of … Read More



Gaza Crisis Appeal People in Palestine are facing a humanitarian crisis. The ongoing conflict in Gaza is causing a loss of human lives and livelihoods. Houses and public infrastructure are destroyed. Bombardments are targeting 60 sites within the Gaza strip, … Read More

Haiti Hurricane Appeal2

Haiti Hurricane Appeal

Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful hurricane in sixty years to hit Haiti and has caused severe devastation to one of the world’s poorest countries. Sadly, lives have already been lost, thousands of people are displaced or cut off, homes … Read More



War, drought and starvation have driven some 150,000 Malians to seek refuge across their borders, and over 200,000 to be displaced within their country. Victims of drought, starvation and now those caught in the middle of a civil war, their … Read More

Nepal Emergency

MUSLIM CHARITY LAUNCHES RELIEF EFFORT FOLLOWING NEPAL EARTHQUAKE The 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, which killed more than 8,600 people, was the strongest and deadliest quake to strike the region in 80 years. In this fragile country where nearly a third … Read More

A survivor of an earthquake sits as he takes tea on the rubble of a mud house after it collapsed following the quake in the town of Awaran, southwestern Pakistani province of Baluchistan, September 25, 2013. REUTERS/Sallah Jan

Pakistan Earthquake Appeal

Muslim Charity has launched an urgent appeal following the earthquake that struck Afghanistan and neighbouring countries on 26th October 2015. The worst-affected areas were in Pakistan where more than 300 people are now reported to have died and over 2,000 … Read More

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Pakistan Floods 2015

PAKISTAN FLOOD RELIEF: HELP US TO RESCUE LIVES AND PROVIDE URGENT ASSISTANCE The devastating floods and torrential rain has inundated hundreds of villages, while leaving tens of thousands of people homeless from the northern mountaineer district of Chitral to the southern … Read More

Philippines Typhoon

Typhoon Haiyan: Helping with Dignity Typhoon Haiyan left a wave of utter destruction killing thousands and shattering lives of millions particularly in Samar and Leyte in the Eastern Visayas and Cebu. Eastern Visayas is the third poorest region of Philippines, … Read More

Migrants cross the border between the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece, near the town of Gevgelija, Macedonia, Sept. 1. (Photo Courtesy of: Valdrin Xhema/EPA)

Refugee Crisis Europe

MUSLIM CHARITY LAUNCHES APPEAL FOR REFUGEES IN EUROPE The scale of Syria’s humanitarian crisis is beyond imagination as 11 million people (half of the country’s pre-war population) are now displaced and 250,000 have died since the war began in 2011. … Read More


Rohingyan Refugees Appeal

Providing relief and rehabilitation to the world’s most persecuted minority Since 2012, due to the inter-communal conflict in Rakhine State, Burma (Myanmar), hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been forced to leave their houses and are confined in IDP … Read More



In Syria, thousands of families are fleeing for safety. At least one hundred thousand desperate civilians have crossed Syria’s heavily mined borders to escape the growing violence, seeking asylum in neighbouring Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The violence is escalating as … Read More