Junaid Jamshed – Tragic death of a great humanitarian

Posted on December 7, 2016 at 5:16 pm.

News of the tragic plane crash in Pakistan today has quickly spread touching the hearts of many around the world. Many have lost their lives including the renowned Nasheed artist Junaid Jamshed. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy and loss, and we extend condolences and prayers to the family, loved ones and all those affected by this tragedy.

Junaid Jamshed

Pakistan has lost one of her devoted sons today, and the world mourns the loss of a great humanitarian whose services, commitments and efforts towards all humanity were deeply inspired by faith and religious duty. He was a leading figure who stood as a symbol of service to people irrespective of their background and affiliations, motivated by his faith and sense of duty towards others. He has been involved with numerous charitable projects and thousands of people in need have benefited from his relentless services.

His role in Muslim Charity’s projects has been longstanding, through which his dedication towards humanitarian and charitable works became an inspiration for many. He played a leading role in the construction of Muslim Charity’s first assisted hospital in Jhang back in 2004 as well as subsequent hospitals. He launched Muslim Charity’s #HonouringOurMothers campaign in 2013 and also personally championed the cause of Obstetric Fistula surgery for affected mothers by incorporating it into Muslim Charity’s Maternal Health programme.

A man who changed hearts and lives and helped save vulnerable communities from poverty and hardship has today bid farewell to this world and gone to the world hereafter. His legacy will have numerous dimensions, and his selfless humanitarian work will remain an inspiration for many to come. Indeed we are for Allah, and to Him we are to return.